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Our Approach

As an accountant with more than 45 years of experience, I have seen quite a lot including entries worthy of Ripley’s Believe it Or Not”. I love a problem or jigsaw to take out the “FU” from “SNAFU”. I also have the patience of age and confidence allowing me to solve complex issues in a very limited amount of time. In other words, I love my work.

Our Story

My wife and I run Silver Fox Accounting a small boutique accounting firm specializing in clients we like. I was destined to become an accountant because after I undertook some family tree research I found out that the last six generations on my mother’s side were accountants. I guess you cannot fight karma or destiny. This from a guy who started in IT.

Meet the Team

We are a group of professionals who work together and in conjunction with the CRA and other government agencies to ensure that our clients get a fair and reasonable deal from the various government agencies.

Andy Silman

Founder & CEO

Andy has been a professional accountant since 1974. He has worked for all levels of government in Canada as well as a number of private-sector corporations. He holds an MBA from the University of Ottawa as well as a BComm from the University of Montreal (Loyola College)

Andrea Silman

Marketing and Translation

After a lengthy career in condominium management, Andrea decided to join her husband’s firm to provide marketing and translation services. Though she speaks a smattering of French and Spanish, her prime task is to translate “accountanese” into plain English so that our clients understand everything completely.

Warren Orlans

Tax Resolution Specialist

After a long career at the Canada Revenue Agency Warren has been working with our group to resolve some of the more thorny tax issues while maintaining his own firm Intaxicating where he provides invaluable advice to accountants and other citizens as the need arises. Warren also holds an MBA and has the distinction of having been named the CRA’s employee of the year.

Next Steps…

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