We try to answer as many questions as we can in hopes of saving you time and money

What is your pricing policy?

We try to be as fair as possible and once we quote a price we stick to it. We will not undertake any work without your specific approval of our quoted price. All fees are subject to HST unless you are out of the country client, where we do not have to charge HST or in Alberta where we only charge GST as they currently do not have a provincial sales tax.

Do you work outside of Toronto?

we have a number of remote clients across Canada and outside of Canada. We process scanned documents to save trees and we do not have to meet the client in person if appropriate identification is provided to allow us to represent them to the CRA.

What makes you different?

While every firm claims to be different, no firm offers a guaranteed 4 business hour response time to their clients, very few firms flat price and very few accountants have more than 45 years experience. In addition, we are the only firm offering a plain English translator as a part of our ongoing service. We also have unlimited email support for all our clients.

Do you clean up other mistakes?

We have seen many interesting efforts by so-called accountants. We clean up both these museum pieces as well as spreadsheets that may have been prepared on an abacus or even a comptometer. We are proud of our work and our ability to save our clients money through automation.

Do you guarantee your work?

We guarantee the accuracy of our work If you are fined because of our tardiness we will pay the fine. If we undertake something close to the legal line, we will never cross that line, but we will advise you of possible unfavourable outcomes depending on the CRA ruling.

Do you have customer service?

Of course, our telephone guarantee requires that we answer our private lines, a number you get when you become a customer, and return all calls within 4 business hours or we have to pay a $250.00 fine to your favourite charity.