Tax Services that Save You Money

We review all your revenues and expenditures to meet all government reporting requirements while keeping your taxes to the legal minimum. We include a detailed analysis and optimization strategies in our normal service levels.

Accounting To Keep You On Track

Full financial services are provided to keep your business humming. Our monthly accounting, payroll, and compliance services completely meet all government requirements, so that the only time the government calls you is to file information with you. We handle everything else.

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Business Advice on Demand

Only first-class service is provided to all our clients.

Our financial advice and controllership services are secon=d to none. When we say we review your books every month, we mean it. If we see any trends we will call you or email you immediately when we see it and not wait until the problem festers and hurts your business. Your business is our number one priority.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission to provide the best and most personalized financial services in Toronto, We want to support your growth and success because through you, our success is measured. Your success is our measure of achievement.

We are a unique boutique operation that will undertake fewer clients to allow us to serve them better. If we took on more clients than we can handle properly, we would not be able to provide our 4 business hour call back guarantee.

We have written a number of books and articles, mostly in response to client questions. We never undertake a job that we cannot handle. Our practice is based on knowledge and ethics, not bluff or external resources. Give us a call for immediate relief.

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